S.NOBefore AdaptionActivities Taken UpAfter Adaption
11. Based on the base line Survey nearly 350 members are identified with eye sight issues.Shri Y.S. Chowdary has issued the money from his MP LADS to start Vision care centers in Ponnavaram with collaboration of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute. Sujana Foundation giving administrator Support to the Vision centers.
1.Refraction and
dispensing of spectacles.
2.Recognition of conditions leading to Visual Impairment.
3.Referral services for cases that need secondary and tertiary care (COMPLETELY FREE for the needy) .
1. Its Very Helpful to the Ponnavaram and near by villagers by providing primary eye care services.

2. Eye Camps were conducted in Gokarajupalli, Jujjuru, Bodawada Villages.

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